All about an Engineer in me, and other 'Kababs' cooked in the process!

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When there is no work, just a Bong and few Crayons do the talking for that night!

PS: I am going to improve my drawing from now onwards.

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20 Things to notice at DSI!

Statutory Warning: I am not to offend or disgrace anyone again this time, so when you read or discuss about my posts keep a notice and underline it well in your mind that my posts as mentioned earlier will always be ethically co-incidental having no resemblance with anyone who has been into any unacknowledged talks. My blogs will purely describe the life of a to-be Electrical Engineer in the next four (or maybe more than four years). Its feels so good to be back at this business like your first successful ejaculation. From the sediments of my last textual blog (A Percussion of Renaissance) , I hereby welcome you all to my new arena ‘Wits and Bits of an Engineer’ along with the link posted on my Facebook account. Feel free to share/like/comment/discuss/+1 or any other way you to promote it , if you see my posts worth reading.

Ah! Hello friends , me Parthasarathi Ganguly. A Ist year - Ist sem EEE student. May be you know me , may be you not. I came to Bangalore for the very first time with the purpose of my College itself. When in Bangalore, you would surely know about the most happening institution in the city- DAYANANDA SAGAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING(DSI), Kumarswamy Layout. A college which has- the most creative students, the sexiest HOD’s, the most realistic bitches, the tallest basketball players, the hell NRI Hostel, the most ultimate hangout corners for your girlfriend and the most clever guards who peep while you are sticking to her. After nearly a month and a half of all these shits, I hereby would patiently describe you the 20 most riveting facts about the college in a chronological order:

1. If at NRI Hostel i.e Residences@DSI , then you should not be out on your birthday or else when you’re in the next day, kicks will get transformed into belt-shots.

2. When in Ist year, your Civil mam’s are the best ones to observe.

3. Whenever you think there is too much scarcity of chicks, PLEASE do visit the IS/CS department sections.

4.  During the lunch break i.e 12-1 pm or 12-2 pm , if you aren’t able to find someone whom you are looking for don’t worry , just visit the too famous ‘Aunty Shop’.

5. If not experienced, never use your cellphone near the Mechanical block in less crowd.

6. The college has too many Stairs, and that is seriously pathetic sometimes when you don’t have access to any lifts.

7. The younger guards always send you back for not wearing shoes and the elder ones demand your Hostel/College ID cards.

8. On a Saturday night, all the fellas are either High or Boozed up.

9. When you are seriously jobless, don’t study , just go and have a juice. After all that’s the cheapest thing to score in Bangalore.

10. When you are going out casually, never and never carry more than 100 bucks.

11. In the very Ist year , even one single mass bunk is hypothetically like winning a World Cup.

12. They teach you a new but seriously very gripping statement- ‘Light le be’ :D

13.  You should never give your parent’s contact number in the Proctorial Form, believe me I am suffering like rats for that!

14. The only thing that concerns students regarding the college work is late submission of College Fees.

15. The only fear students have are - DETENTION & Assignments.

16. For a real hardcore student of DSI , going home is like getting to a Rehab.

17. More than the class, the students top their attendance in Nescafe, Kuppa and Parking Lot.

18. Whenever you are about to cross the Indian Girls Hostel, there is 90% probability that a girl will be pleading to her boyfriend for understanding her more.(I came across this 5 out of 8 times).

19. Pens, usually used for writing, are here used for making Bong Pipes.

20. It is easier to be awake till 6am , than to wake up at 6 am.

& the 21st one(Exclusively for the FresherBoys)- Whenever you are tired and restless of finding any girl who randomly goes out on a date with you, just contact me, I have the contact of that ONLY one girl who can solve your issues. I hope you know her well! :P

The College

PS- There are many more things in the college, but these few listed above strike you the most!

When in Bangalore , an Engineer is for sure troubled upon by only two typical things of the Practical life- Cash & Chicks! :D

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